SDS' Contribution to the Local Economy

SDS construction is providing much-needed jobs and business opportunities for Southern Colorado companies in an uncertain economy. SDS is one of the largest water infrastructure projects to be built in Colorado in decades.

Current Economic Snapshot:

  • With nearly all of construction complete, about $725 million has been spent on SDS construction from 2002 through March 2016.

  • Nearly $598 million has gone to businesses and organizations in Colorado for planning   and building the project.

  • $297 million has been spent in El Paso County

  • $75 million has been spent in Pueblo County.

Ensuring Long-Term Strength:

The availability of water is critical to meeting the future needs of southern Colorado’s businesses. SDS is necessary to attract and retain businesses to our region. A 2011 economic impact study found with SDS:

  • As many as 13,175 jobs could be generated by a growing economy certain of its water supply – as soon as 2020.

  • Employment growth is expected to be 36 percent higher with SDS (than without it) by 2050.

  • For every dollar invested in SDS, El Paso County’s long-term gross domestic product is projected to jump to $5.50.

See Center for Regional Advancement Economic Study.

“The first place to ensure you will kill your community is to not provide quality or quantity water.” – Doug Griffiths and Kelly Klemer, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community.


SDS Phase I

  • Pueblo Dam connection
  • Raw and finished water pipeline
  • 3 water pump stations
  • 1 water treatment plant

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