More than a pipeline. A lifeline.

Southern Colorado’s future requires water. El Paso County’s population will grow 1.9 percent a year through 2030, or 350,000 more people. The project partners already own rights to sufficient water, but need a delivery system to transport it.


Investing in our future.

Water infrastructure is typically a multi-generational investment. People who live in Colorado Springs today are benefiting from the investments that previous generations have made in the existing water system. SDS is an investment in our future.


Protecting the Environment.

The pipeline from Pueblo Reservoir is the most environmentally responsible route for SDS. SDS partners and regulatory agencies agree on comprehensive mitigation plans to ensure the environment is protected as SDS is built and operated.


Short and long-term regional benefits.

SDS construction is providing much-needed jobs and business opportunities for Southern Colorado companies. Project construction will add an estimated $179 million in local wages through 2016.


Local Contractors Help Build SDS

The SDS Water Treatment Plant, located at Marksheffel Road north of Highway 94, is making steady progress, and work on the concrete dome tank has been highly visible through the first half of 2014. The tank has several components, and local contractors have literally laid the foundation for success.R.E. Monks of Colorado Springs, Araco Concrete of Fountain, and Pate Construction of Pueblo West partnered on the project, playing an important role in the foundation for the massive tank.

Improving Fountain Creek

As part of our operations, Colorado Springs Utilities has been actively involved in addressing stormwater issues and has already invested a significant amount of money in stormwater management. The Fountain Creek Improvement Project recently completed as part of an SDS mitigation requirement restored a section of the creek to a more natural state and is reducing erosion and sedimentation. Watch video.

SDS Tunnel Across I-25, Fountain Creek Making Progress

Progress continues on SDS as crews recently finished installing pipe through the mile-long tunnel that spans under Interstate 25, Fountain Creek, nearby railroad tracks and surface roads. Underground tunnel boring was complete during November of last year. About 165 pieces of pipe have been lowered into the more than 80-foot deep tunnel shaft to connect the SDS pipeline across the geographically challenging area. The project is anticipated to be complete Q1 2015. Watch Video

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SDS Phase I

  • Pueblo Dam connection
  • Raw and finished water pipeline
  • 3 water pump stations
  • 1 water treatment plant

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